How To Avoid Someone At School (In 6 Rude Steps)

The fact you’re searching for ‘how to avoid someone at school’ means 2 things:

  • You’re afraid of the person you’re trying to avoid
  • You don’t like the person

Lucky for you, I’ve collected tips on how students like us can avoid someone at school.

The best way to avoid someone at school is to ignore them. Don’t make eye contact with them; always air them when they try to talk to you.

Do this once or twice, and they’d leave you alone.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are 6 straightforward ways to avoid someone at school: 

Tip #1: Look Away When You See Them

look away when avoiding someone

Being in high school, you’re likely to meet some people often while walking the corridors to class.

And your victim may be walking those same corridors, which means eye contact is likely.


Make absolutely ZERO eye contact.

Trying to avoid someone is active; you must be very observant.

That means you should see them before they see you.

And once you do, avert your eyes somewhere else.

Walk past them without blinking, and look past them to talk to someone else.

Pay them total dust.

Pretend they were never there.

But sometimes, they could be a bit peskier.

What should you do?

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Tip #2: Use the Phone Method

girl walking away while texting on her phone

Sometimes, the people you’re trying to avoid at school could be very persistent in trying to meet you. 

Such extreme actions require equally extreme rudeness.

If they notice you’re trying to avoid them by not looking at them, shut them up with your phone.

Pretend you’re on a call with someone and shake your head at them when they try to approach you, pointing at the apparent ‘call’ you’re on. 

When you do this a few times, they should get the memo and back out of your life.

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Tip #3: Try The Face Cover

cover your face to avoid someone

Every teenager has done this at least once before.

I know I have.

When someone I don’t want to meet or talk to shows up somewhere in the school, I sometimes cover the side of my face with my hand so they (hopefully) can’t see me.

And it works a few times. (*crying*)

You could try it as well.

If you’re trying to avoid someone at school, cover the side of your face they can see when walking past them.

Fingers crossed, they weren’t actively looking for you like you were ignoring them.

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Tip #4: Listen to Music While Trying To Ignore Them

boy listening to music through headphones to ignore someone

Maybe you think bringing your phone to pretend you’re on a call every time you try to avoid someone is strenuous.

I’ve got you.

But I need you to keep a mental note of places you’re most likely to bump into the people you try to avoid at school.

That could be the corridors at school, in class, or on your way home.

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Just pop on some headphones whenever you’re in any of those places.

You could listen to music, an audiobook, or even a podcast. 

They may walk up and ask you to take off your headphones to listen to them.

Keep walking away.

Like I said, pay them dust.

Mind you, it’s not rude if you’re trying to protect your mental and emotional health.

And if that’s not enough?

Tip #5: Report Them

This is the most extreme route of action to take when trying to avoid someone at school.

Maybe the person’s a bully that just can’t leave you alone.

And maybe you’re like me, that hates drawing unnecessary attention from teachers myself.

What would you do if they don’t stop coming for you after trying every other way to avoid them? 

What would I do?

Report them. 

Let your teachers know someone’s been harassing you even when actively avoiding them.

Tell your friends if you don’t want to take it up to the school body.

Tell them someone doesn’t want to leave you alone and watch them defend you like a lioness with her cub.

Tip #6: Do The 360 Whenever You See The Person You’re Trying To Avoid

turn back when you see someone you want to avoid

The 360 is relatively easy to pull off.

Whenever you see the person you’re trying to avoid come at you, turn a full circle back to where you’re coming from.

Or divert to another route.

The sole aim of the 360 is to not walk past them at school.

However, I’m not a fan of this tactic because it subtly shows that you must change your ways to fit theirs.

For example, you may be heading to a lab for a practical class.

If you see them coming your way, by doing the 360, you would have to find another, possibly longer route to follow.

That, to me, is a waste of time and energy.

But it is pretty efficient because if you never cross them, they never get to see or talk to you.

Summary: How to Avoid Someone at School

Now you know what I do every day to avoid someone at school.

And, more often than not, they do work.

  • Look away when you see them
  • Use the phone method
  • The face cover
  • Listen to music
  • Report them
  • The 360

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