How to Stop Bum Sweat on Chairs: Avoid Sweating in Furniture

Sitting in chairs at school can cause your bum to sweat, especially when you’re seated for extended periods. Sweating on class furniture, and standing to reveal you’ve got butt sweat is very embarrassing for students. 

That’s why I’ve written a guide on how to avoid ass sweat on seats in school – from hoodies to wipes and powders.

Here are 18 ways to stop swamp ass on chairs that follow our best editorial practices:

1. Wear More Cotton

guy wearing a cotton t-shirt to reduce sweating

Every part of your body needs to breathe to stay dry and fresh, especially in hot weather.

And that includes your bum.

When you wear certain clothes like silk and polyester that have very little space between the fine threads of their fabric, you don’t let air reach your bum and entire pelvis.

So, you’re prone to sweaty bums.

What you need are loose, breathable underwear and fabrics that don’t try to suffocate your bums.

Ditch polyester, silk underwear, and leather or synthetic fabrics, and get cotton instead.

Your buttocks would thank you for it.

2. Layer up Inside

Telling you to wear more clothes may sound counter-intuitive to the first tip that suggests wearing breathable pants, but it’s worked for certain people too.

That is, if you look past the excessive sweating.

Think about it.

The only way bum sweat marks will appear on a chair is if the cloth is very light.

So what do you do?

Wear heavy clothes.

Or wear multiple underwears.

That way, there would be many layers for the sweat to pass through before reaching your pants or skirt and, eventually, your chair.

I know it sounds insane, but some people say it’s their go-to tip for preventing bum sweat on chairs.

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3. Shower Daily 

showering to reduce swamp ass

I still find it weird that some people go days without taking a shower, like, are you for real???

And even more people take a shower but don’t wash up their bums very well.


Showering daily -and wholly- means you’re reducing the chances of having caked up dirt and sweat on your body.

And the fact sweat rolls down to your pelvis and legs doesn’t help.

Take a shower regularly, wash up every inch of your body with lather, and notice how fresh you would stay throughout the day.

4. Change Out of Sweaty Clothes

guy exercising and sweating

Maybe it’s just me, but sweaty clothes are VERY irritating.

I would understand if you’re a hundred miles from home.

But not caring about whether you’re sweaty is a NO for most people, including myself.

So, if you know you’re the kind of person that sweats a lot in school, perhaps take a second pair of clothes and underwear every day to change when the first pair gets sweaty and unbreathable.

I bet no one would care enough to notice.

5. Wear Shorts More 

wearing shorts

We’ve talked about wearing cotton to make your butt breathe.

But that would be futile if you wear suffocating pants like jeans.

What makes you think your butt crack will breathe if your legs can’t?

So, unless your uniform includes very unbreathable pants, wear shorts to school regularly to prevent bum sweat on chairs. 

Shorts also help in drying the area.

I must say, the girls have it easy for this one *crying*

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6. Use Body Powder

girl rubbing powder

I mean, duh?

We rub powder on our faces to stay dry, so we should be able to do that for our bums too.

I can hear you clamoring, “Baby Talc Powder then’.

But it’s not that straightforward.

The skin on our bum -and our pelvis generally- is much more sensitive than the skin on our face.

That means we could experience some reactions on our bums than our faces that we haven’t even heard of.

Just recently, studies found that talc is connected to some cancers.

What’s more dangerous than putting a cancer-related substance on one of the most sensitive parts of your body?

Nothing I can think of right now.

Yes, powders can help avoid swamp ass, but what kind of powder?

I recommend Gold bond medicated powder and Chassis to leave you cool and dry.

Corn starch is a safe alternative to talc and is used to produce both powder products.

But note that while these products don’t turn to mold when wet, lots of sweat can overpower them.

7. Avoid Sitting in the Same Space for Extended Periods

girl sitting on a bench on the side of the road

Sweat is condensed body heat.

And that heat gets trapped when there’s no space to escape.

So, whenever you’re in class, try to stand a few times so that the heat doesn’t turn into an embarrassing wet patch on your chair.

But that’s not the only trick you can use while already sitting to prevent sweaty buttocks in class.

8. Try to Move About in Your Seats

lady sitting on her side cheek

Some people feel it’s too embarrassing to keep standing and sitting during a class because anybody -including the teacher- would be able to understand what you’re trying to do.

So this step is for us- introverts that don’t like drawing attention to ourselves.

Try moving about in your chair.

Sitting in one space provides an opportunity for the heat to settle into bum sweat and a sweat patch on the chair.

Deny it.

Move your bum a few times in different angles, and hold for a few moments.

You’d be cooling different parts of your butt so that heat doesn’t stay too long in one specific part of your bum. 

So, move about in your chair often to avoid condensation building up.

This next step is one of my favorites.

9. Always Wear a Hoodie to School to Sit

guy wearing a hoodie

Have you ever noticed people tie a hoodie on their waist on top of their uniforms? 

Did you notice that they even sit on those hoodies while in class?

While it may seem very normal and insignificant, it is clever.

By sitting on a hoodie, which is usually made with very absorbent material, you automatically eliminate the chances of leaving bum sweat marks on chairs. 

Anyone would know that you’re leaking salty water from your butt if they touched the hoodie.

Besides, it’s stylish too. 

Who said fashion didn’t have functionality??

10. Avoid Heavy Meals Before Going to School

a burger with other heavy foods

Do you know the basis of digestion and how it’s related to heat?

When we finish a meal, our body begins to digest the food.

This process requires energy.

And burning energy produces heat.

The more food you eat, the more energy your body would burn to digest that food.

The more energy your body burns, the more heat is dispelled from your body.

That’s why we begin to sweat shortly after a meal. 

So, it’s simple logic that the less you eat, the less likely you will be to sweat and have a swampy bottom. 

Especially if you know you’re a heavy sweater like I once was. 

Eating less before school prevents sweat marks on chairs.

11. Wipe Your Butt in the Restroom Frequently

cleaning hand in bathroom

I saw a post on Reddit about a basketball player that sweats a lot.

He used to get insecure whenever he sat on a chair during practice and got bum sweat all over it.

Do you know what the real gag was?

He wasn’t fat.

So it couldn’t have been because he’s fat.

What he did was after every class, he hit the restroom to wipe his butt.

Do you know those little damp, fragrant baby wipes? 

Yeah, that’s what he used. 

It’s rather weird, I know, but it’s pretty effective.

After a few weeks, he got used to it, has been a part of him ever since.

Kinda wish I knew this sooner *heavily crying*

12. Shave Down There

man shaving his beard

You’re providing a good spot for insulation when you keep lots of hair growing around your pelvis.

These strands create a tightly knit space to hold heat from your body.

And you know what happens when heat stays in one place for a long time- it condenses.

When this heat condenses, it turns to sweat, which passes through your underwear to form bum sweat marks on your chair.

So, shaving your pubic hairs and hairs on your bum would help keep your bum fresh and sweat-free.

And if that doesn’t work?

13. Spray Antiperspirant, Not Deodorant

girl spraying antiperspirant

Most teenagers don’t know this, but there’s a significant difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

Deodorants contain heavy fragrances to combat the smell produced by the apocrine sweat glands in your armpit. 

The only problem with this is that these glands are absent in your butt. 

That’s why sweat doesn’t make your bum smell, not as bad or as quickly as your armpits.

And because they were not meant for your butt, these chemicals can irritate the delicate skin of your butt, which would cause further discomfort.

Instead, use antiperspirants.

Antiperspirants, unlike deodorants, work to reduce how much you sweat. 

They also have a soothing smell that lasts way longer than deodorants do. 

But people, especially teens, don’t know how to use antiperspirants effectively. 

Because these chemicals need to sleep into your skin to work from the inside, you should run them hours before you head out to school.

Perhaps very early in the morning before the first bell and before you put on your underwear.

If shaving isn’t enough to prevent sweaty bums for you, spray antiperspirants right after. 

14. Stay Away From Leather Chairs in Class

leather chairs cause bum sweat

Remember when I said that heat gets trapped when there’s no space to escape, especially while sitting?

That’s not half of it.

Most schools I’ve attended use wooden or mesh chairs, so I was referring to wooden chairs in that scenario.

If sitting on wooden chairs can cause bum sweat, what do you think sitting on leather chairs would do?

Like mold, we can shape leather just by sitting on it. 

When you sit on leather, it takes the shape of your butt, entirely enclosing any source of air to your buttcrack or underwear.

And it doesn’t matter if your entire outfit is made of cotton.

Leather cuts off that air supply. 

The best thing to do? Stay away from leather chairs to prevent your bum from sweating while sitting.

15. Get a Panty Liner That Soak Up Sweat

white panty liners to prevent swamp ass

This tip is for girlies who want to avoid bum sweat on chairs in school and throughout this summer.

Sometimes, beads of sweat can roll from your butt into your genitals.

And could make you feel insecure in front of boys and quite uncomfortable.

So, consider getting a panty liner.

A thin, feminine pad, a panty liner, can help absorb all that sweat as they roll, keeping you feeling more confident.

However, unless you’d prefer sitting in discomfort, you must change your pads regularly, especially after a few hours, so it doesn’t get soaked up, leaving you uneasy.

That means you should change your pads as often as you change your underwear.

16. Minimize Spicy Foods That Cause Sweating

spicy foods can cause sweating

I know you love spicy curry wings- every teenager does.

But do you know peppery foods can cause you to sweat abruptly?

That’s because spicy foods like peppers and chilis contain capsaicin, which tells your brain that your body temperature is rising (even though it’s not.)

Thereby causing your brain to tell your sweat glands to lower your body temperature by making you sweat.

There’s a lot of jargon, but that’s the main idea.

So, try to minimize how many spicy foods you take.

However, spicy foods aren’t the only foods that cause sweat breakout.

17. Reduce Caffeine Intake

coffee can cause sweating

Just like peppery foods, caffeine can cause you to sweat.

That’s because caffeine is a stimulant, which speeds up the nervous system.

The nervous system is in charge of thermoregulation, which decides when we sweat through our sweat glands.

When we drink coffee, our body gets excited, which makes our sweat glands produce sweat suddenly.

This only happens when you drink coffee excessively.

And as explained by the FDA, “moderate” daily caffeine consumption is 100-200 mgs (1-2 cups).

18. Use Seat Cushions

seat cushions can help stop butt sweat

Chairs in school can be too solid for comfort.

You can add a cushion to your seat.

Relief seat cushions are made for people who sit for long hours because they’re made to keep your butt cool from your body heat.

These cheap add-ons can help air flow between your butt and the chair, thereby minimizing the chances of having a swamp ass.

But if you’re the kind of person that cares what other people think, I wouldn’t always recommend using them in class because students WILL talk.

How to Get Rid of Bum Sweat on Chairs

Until now, we’ve been talking about how to PREVENT or STOP bum sweat.

But what if you already have sweat marks on your chair?

What do you do?

Here are 3 smart things you can do so no one sees your bum sweat marks on chairs:

Swipe With One Cheek Before Standing

If you already feel sweat marks on your chair, and don’t want to stand to an awkward situation, swipe your cheeks to one side before standing.

When you swipe, your pants act like a rag cleaning off the sweat on the chair.

Quickly Push Your Chair Under the Table

To hide sweat marks on your chair, put your bag on your chair quickly when you stand up.

That way, no one would see the marks while you’re standing.

Then when no one’s looking, push the chair under the table, and take off your bag.

Easy peasy!

Sit on the Edge of Your Seat Before Standing:

Before standing up from your seat with a wet patch of sweat on it, sit on the edge of your seat on one cheek.

By doing that, you’ll let it evaporate enough before standing.

Summary: How do I Stop My Bum From Sweating in School Chairs

how to avoid butt sweat

Now, you know exactly what to do to stop sweating on your bums in school, and what to do to get rid of it.

And, just a side note, it is very normal to have swamp ass, so it shouldn’t be embarrassing.

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But that doesn’t mean it won’t be awkward when you stand up revealing it.

Here’s a rundown of the best steps to avoid sweat marks in chairs:

  • Wear more cotton
  • Layer up inside
  • Shower daily
  • Change out of sweaty clothes
  • Wear shorts more
  • Use body powder
  • Avoid sitting in the same place for a long time
  • Try to move about in your seat
  • Always take a hoodie to sit on
  • Avoid heavy meals before going to school
  • Wipe your butt in the restroom frequently
  • Shave your pubic hairs
  • Spray antiperspirant
  • Stay away from leather seats
  • Get a panty liner
  • Minimize spicy foods
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Use seat cushions

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