Improve Your Performance in Medical School with these Productivity Tools

Staying academically strong in medical school seems a daunting challenge for many students. It is because fresh medical students are not used to dealing with the rigorous academic load and the volume of information to be learned. This is why many students find it hard to meet the demands of the medical school. They strive hard to improve their academic performance to get impressive marks in board exams.

However, with effective management and active learning techniques, and a proactive mindset, you can achieve your academic goals. Using some productivity tools is a good idea to help medical students stay more efficient and stay on top of their studies. 

From completing assignments to taking notes, creating presentations, memorizing the concepts and managing your time, you will find a number of productivity tools for medical students. Let’s check out some great productivity tools for medical students to stay ahead in the competitive academic environment.


Evernote is a note taking app that is exclusively designed to take your productivity to new heights. With Evernote, students can organize their coursework, assignments and lectures. In fact, it acts as a digital binder that saves all your schedules, assignment deadlines, and important information. You can create separate notebooks for each subject. You can organize your lab work, lectures and even presentations in one notebook.   

Evernote is packed with many amazing features, including:

  • Scan and search handwritten notes
  • Record lectures and important group discussions
  • Draw and write on PDFs
  • Highlight important sections of the syllabus and assignment sheets
  • Set reminders and create to-do lists

Also Read: Scrubs & Schools: Mapping Your Medical Future is a time management app that can help you organize your tasks, create to-do lists and manage your assignments and projects easily. It is packed with many amazing features that can help you achieve your academic goals. The to-do list feature can help organize all your tasks and projects based on their priorities. You can set reminders, set due dates and keep track of your tasks.

With its calendar feature, you can manage your time effectively and achieve your ambitious goals. You can manage your school life, extracurricular activities and clinical rotations by keeping everything organized.  With, you will learn how to better manage your study schedules, extracurricular activities and personal life.


Forest is a productivity app that lets you plant a seed whenever you are about to complete a task. You can grow your own tree, even a forest by earning virtual coins on completing each task. The timer mode helps you complete your assignment by efficiently managing your time. It is the best productivity app for medical students that encourages them to get more work done in less time. Forest app can help you complete your tasks while avoiding procrastination and achieve a high level of dedication and focus.


MindMeister is a mind mapping app for students that can help them study efficiently. Whether you want to reach your target grades or want to manage medical school load, MindMeister is the ultimate solution for students. The online mind mapping tool can help you take better notes so that you can retain information for long. 

With MindMeister, you can comprehend the complex topics, build connections around topics, which will help you restore information. Mind mapping techniques act great for taking notes faster and build topic connections to simplify the concept. It is the best study tool for medical students that can help them take better notes and get better grades.


During your clinical years, you need to make some quick decisions regarding drugs, patients and medical diseases. UpToDate is an amazing clinical decision support app that is loaded with evidence based clinical information. You will find a variety of information on UpToDate:

  • Drug information
  • Patient education
  • Medical calculators
  • Clinical recommendations


SketchyMedical is a learning app for medical students that allows them to create visual stories that you can store in your long-term memory. It is the most effective and faster way to learn high-yield topics. SketchyMedical can help you succeed in medical school by providing information on a number of topics. You will find thousands of interactive review cards, quiz questions and important topics you need to master for your board exams. SketchyMedical includes both preclinical clinical information, so that you can easily master your course material, prepare for shelf exams and clinical rotations.

Osso VR

Osso is a virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform that is exclusively designed for medical students, residents and other healthcare professionals to gain hands-on experience. It offers the largest orthopedic VR training library that supports academic and medical center programs. 

Osso VR accelerates learning by providing different advanced training methods. Many medical schools and teaching hospitals encourage students to use Osso to gain finest surgery experience.


Whether your goal is to learn difficult anatomical terms, memorize important pharmacological concepts or interested in learning human pathology, GoalsonTrack is a useful study app for medical students. It is also a productivity app that helps you achieve your goals by doing less. The intuitive user interface keeps all the goals together and motivates you to complete more tasks.

The tool helps you set smart goals, you can break down bigger goals into small, manageable milestones and organize them according to your study schedule. One of the best features of GoalsonTrack is its ability to build good habits among students and encourage them to achieve their goals. 

The habit tracker calendar allows you to track your habit strength and ensure its daily execution. Keep track of your achievements by visualizing each and every goal and its related details. The visualization process works great and motivates students to achieve their academic goals.

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To Conclude It All

Medical students can benefit from a variety of productivity tools that help them stay organized, manage their time effectively, and enhance their learning experience. You can explore and experiment with these productivity tools for medical students to find the combination that works best for your learning style and preferences. Keep in mind that while these tools can be helpful, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance between digital resources and hands-on learning experiences.

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