How To Make A Guy Regret Ghosting You (Make Him PAY)

Ghosting, sometimes called simmering or icing, is the behavior of terminating all communication and contact with another person, usually with someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, without any apparent notice or cause.

Most people ghost to escape emotional distress when dating. Ghosters rarely consider how their actions affect others. Ghosting has been described as a passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse or cruelty by mental health practitioners.

If a guy has ghosted you and you want to know how to make a him regret, this blog post is for you. 

I’ll tell you how to make a guy regret ghosting you, handle rejection emotionally, and the most hilarious ways to respond when he comes back crawling (like many ghosters do.)

Let’s get to the perfect tips to make a guy rue leaving you.

Tip #1: Forget the Ghoster and Get the Biggest Mental & Physical Glow-up of Your Life

How to take care of your physical and mental health so you can make a guy regret ghosting youLearn to love yourself again

Babe, I get you’re feeling sad, heartbroken and possibly angry right now because of the emotional investment you put into making the relationship work.

Only for you to blink and realize he’d ghosted you.

But this isn’t the time to let yourself down; you have your whole life still laid out ahead of you. 

Instead, make yourself look good.

You have so much energy inside you right now, but you’re directing it at the wrong thing- the guy that ghosted you.

And that’ll completely waste time.

Refocus that energy on YOU. Love and take care of yourself.

What are the things you love to do?

Hit that gym, pick up that hobby, get that pet, make those new friends, and start meditation sessions.

Do literally anything you’ve wanted to do. Anything that brings you peace. 

Get that dopamine level up, and start living your best life.

You own you; no one else does.

Tip #2: Don’t Let Him Know That He Got to You

Girl tuning him out as payback for ghosting you (her)He wants your attention. Deny him.

Telling yourself that you’re not sad when you are will send a bad message.

You should deal with ghosting so you can become a baddie.

So, while you’re busy living your best life and trying to heal through the trauma he undoubtedly caused, there’s something else you need to be doing to make him regret ghosting you- tuning him out.

If you’ve been to a psychiatric hospital, you’d know that while trying to cure someone with therapy, they must be kept far away from the cause of their trauma.

That’s what you should be doing for self love and self care.

And I know it would be too sudden to start breaking final ties because there’d still be dregs of affection for him left during your healing process (if you were deep with him already anyway.) with some sadness and guilt.

So take it slowly, and reduce the chances of the guy knowing anything about you for this breakup period.

That means staying away from people that he’s close with, especially the ones that you may be close with as well that knew you were dating.

Don’t talk about your feelings with them (maybe with a psychologist or therapist), so they don’t ‘unintentionally’ relay your progress to that guy.

God knows what he’d do when he realizes you’re trying to forget him, and seeking new relationships on dating apps.

Remember, he wants your attention because he’s narcissistic. Show him you’ve moved on.

If you don’t give it to him, he’ll be pissed off.

He will send you texts on social media. Leave them on seen. 

Don’t post attention-seeking posts to your IG, WhatsApp, or Snapchat story. 

His ego would be crushed when you don’t reach out because ghosters love attention. 

He’s that kind of person.

Tip #3: Block, Restrict, and Mute Buttons on Social Media Are Free. Use Them on your Ghoster

Girl sitting on a bench blocking a guy on her phone as revenge for ghosting herFeel free to block him, Queen.

You’re a certified queen if you’ve done everything till this point. 

There’s no doubt in my mind. 

Now, you have your peace in check, your mental health regained, and your face is giving as it should. 

Philosophers say you should cut off people you think can infect you if you cross paths again.

That is, people whose values don’t align with yours.

We should borrow that wisdom.

To make a guy regret ghosting you, simply block him on every social media platform you have a connection with him. 

I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, Google, Quora, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

You don’t need to explain anything to him because he would care even less if you do. 

Just quietly snap those bonds like taut threads. 

Cut off his oxygen to you.

Pay the guy dust.

Pick peace for your health, and you’ll love yourself daily.

But this shouldn’t be coming from a place of hate.

If you hate him, you’ll still be directing energy towards him, which can get toxic.

You’re blocking him, so you don’t allow him to mess with you again, out of respect for yourself, not hatred for him. 

Tip #4: Ghost Them Back Harder

Ghost them back harderDon’t chase after that guy

When someone ghosts you while dating, they create a push-pull connection between you. 

An abusive and destructive run-chase relationship.

They’re running away and expect you to chase after them.

That’s their biggest mistake.

Most people ghost who would follow the rule and chase them for closure, to take them back, or for other reasons.

Be the bigger person. Don’t chase after him.

When he sees that you’re not chasing after him, he will try to kickstart the pursuit again. 

Remember, ghosters love attention.

But you’re not going to let him treat you like that anymore. 

If you see the guy in school, raise your head and shoulders high and walk past him without batting an eyelash.

If he tries to talk to you, shut him down or ignore him.

You can’t let the same person that caused you such immense pain have access to your life anymore. 

You’re healed now; you’re glowing and living your best life.

Make him a walking ick. 

It is disgusting behavior to ghost someone. It’s only right that a ghoster is seen as disgusting.

What you’re trying to do is mirror his behavior back to him. 

Treat him like he doesn’t exist.

Let him realize that you’ve moved on, and he has no power over you. 

Tip #5: Celebrate Yourself Online

If he ghosts you, celebrate yourself onlineCelebrate yourself online

This is the final step in truly making a guy regret losing you. 

You’ve healed and didn’t let him distract the process, blocked him on all platforms because you felt having him near your life would do more harm, and you mirrored his behavior back to him.

That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live your life how you used to before he ghosted you, especially if you think he may be watching.

By blocking him, you stopped any communication YOU could have with HIM, and therefore, helped you more emotionally healthy.

But that won’t stop a ghoster from checking up on his victim.

He would want to know how well you’re doing.

He could create new accounts just to steal glimpses of your life, or even ask one of your close friends.

And if he doesn’t see signs you’re glowing, he may feel good.

This is the part where you crush those expectations.

Maintain your IG life, post pictures with your new boo (if you have one already), and choke your followers with them. 

He would lurk around to check, and when he sees you’re doing better than he left you, he would get annoyed and possibly try to come back to form another romantic relationship. 

He would be burning with jealousy that the strong, emotionally independent young woman he abandoned could be much happier without him.

His self-esteem would be crushed. 

How Do You Respond When a Guy Returns After You Make Him Regret Ghosting You?

First, I want you to understand that no matter what he tells you, you never go back to that guy.

Do not dance around in joy because the Lord answered your prayers in the form of a text from your ghoster.

He has already put you through so much pain that he doesn’t deserve a back pass entry to your life. 

He’s dead to you, non-existent, and a walking ick.

A dog won’t return to its vomit, and neither should you.

Give him a taste of his own medicine.

So, when he tries to come back after ghosting you, try out these 2 ingenious ways to tell him to leave you the hell alone. 

Reply Respectfully and Condescendingly.

There’s a way to talk to people so they would NEVER try to approach you again. 

This is one of those ways.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s on a text or phone call.

If he reaches out to you, just say:

“Hey! Great to hear from you. And I’m genuinely happy you’re doing okay. But unfortunately, I’m no longer interested in hanging out with you because I only date guys that are consistent in their pursuits.”

The end.

Do you know what your ghoster would feel after reading this? 


He wouldn’t have expected you to have grown so much emotionally since he rejected you. 

It will be clear that you’re not a girl to be played. 

If he wants to be with you, he needs to step up…or step aside.

  • Stay calm, rational, and respectful in your reply.
  • Remain assertive; stand your grounds.
  • State your standards. 

Send a Petty Voice Message

If you’re a teenager, it’s okay to be petty once in a while. 

After you make him regret losing you, he can’t be allowed back into your life. 

Check out my other article on why ghosters always come back.

When he tries to come back, perhaps through text, send him this voice message in your best robot impression.

” *beep* The lady you tried to contact is no longer interested. Please visit our website for more information- www(dot)lameassexcuse(dot)com/manchild/. Have a blessed day.”

Immediately, he would feel dumb for trying to come back to you while you sit back to relish the feeling.

Recap: How Do I Make Him Regret Ghosting Me?

How to make a guy regret ghosting you

Don’t think he was too busy because any guy who loves you would find the time to explain or check up on you.

Real people say goodbye when they leave. 

So, get over being ghosted or ignored, and reclaim your baddie title!

Take comfort in that you weren’t his first victim, but after you make him regret ghosting you, you would, fortunately, be his last.

  • Get the biggest mental and physical glow-up of your life.
  • Tune him out
  • Feel free to use the block, restrict, and mute buttons.
  • Ghost him back harder than he did you.
  • Celebrate yourself online.

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