When A Guy Calls You Love: Does it Mean He’s Ready to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level?

Love can cause strong and positive emotions from intense interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. So it’s no shock that girls want answers when guys call them such a term of endearment as ‘love’.

Could it be a sign of affection or attraction? Are feelings about to bloom into a meaningful relationship?

What does it really mean when a guy calls you love?

Let’s break it down.

guy and girl smiling at each other

The most common reason a guy would call you love is because he likes you. Maybe he’s just trying out a new pet name, or he’s hoping to steer the conversation into an I love you direction.

However, just as many roads lead to Rome, there are much more meanings behind a guy calling a girl love.

And not all of them are sunshine and rainbows.

1. He May Have Been Trying to Flirt With You.

girl call boyfriend love

Does being called love ever spark something inside you? In a good way? 

I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve seen many girls smile when a guy calls them love.

We can call playboys shrinks because they may have discovered this too. 

When a guy wants to dive in for a kill (I totally mean asking a girl out), he will try to put on his best flirtatious performance.

And -not surprisingly- the word love would most likely be part of the show.

He would woo you, call you all sorts of pet names, trying to find the one you’d fall for. 

Love almost always does the trick.

So, if a guy calls you love, especially someone you probably hadn’t met before, he may be trying to flirt with you. 

So watch your back because a kiss -and possibly a relationship- may be on the horizon after that. 

Go, Queen!

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2. You’re in a Relationship

guy calls girl love in text

This should be a no-brainer.

When was the last time you heard a couple call their actual names? 

I bet that was a long time ago.

Our generation is tilting towards more romantic relationships, hence more pet names. 

It’s so common that -in some relationships- couples sense discomfort in their partners when they call them by their real names.

Yes, it’s that wild!

But what if you’re not in a relationship but a friendship. 

What would it mean if he called you love?

3. He Wanted to See Your Reaction

girl laughing after being called love

Friends have pet names for each other.

I call my best friend ‘mother nature’ because she is in love with flowers, bugs and kittens. 

And she calls me ‘fat face.’ (I suppose I don’t have to tell you why.)

But if she stops calling me ‘fat face’ and starts calling me ‘love,’ I’d definitely raise an eyebrow. 

The change would be so clear to not see, especially if she says it more often.

I would freak out.

And I did.

She called me love once, and I flipped a little because I didn’t -and still don’t- see myself with her that way.

The next minute, she was laughing. 

I was so confused.

But she did all that just to see my reaction. 

Insane girl.

If a guy calls you love and is your friend, he possibly just wanted to see your reaction.

But what if there’s more to the story?

4. Maybe He Likes You

guy and girl in love in text

I mean, think of it. 

Your friend all of a sudden starts calling you ‘love.’ 

No matter how deeply he cares for you, changing his casual name for you to ‘love,’ a term of endearment, definitely has a second meaning.

He may have grown fond of you so much that he’s attracted to you.

Signs a guy loves you

Even so, don’t act too fast.

A guy calling you love could mean several things, so you must look for other signs that he likes you before concluding.

Read his body language when you’re together.

How does he behave around you?

If he’s showing some of this body language, he is most likely attracted to you.

But don’t freak out as I did.

If he calls you love and tries to kiss you, you can quickly tell him how you feel so it doesn’t grow into a messy situation.

Trust me, you definitely don’t want that.

5. He’s Hiding Something

guy loves you sitting down

Do you know how I said a guy calling you love could mean he’s trying to flirt with you?

What if he was just trying to sweet-talk you into not finding out something?

People are corny, especially teenagers. 

When we’ve done something wrong that we don’t want people to find out about, we try everything to keep the secret buried.

And sweet-talking people into believing you had no part in whatever you did wrong is one of them.

You can’t be sure he’s hiding something just because he calls you ‘love,’ though. 

Check his body language. 

If he’s sweating or touching his face, he may be trying to hide something.

However, don’t be mistaken.

Some words have far fewer meanings to them than we think.

6. Perhaps He Calls People Love Casually

guy calls friend love

There are some words people use without really thinking.

Many people use the term ‘friends’ loosely. 

As well as ‘love.’

In the UK, being called love for absolutely no reason is very common. 

Just as being called ‘mate’ in Australia is.

Sometimes, your culture makes a word so typical that you would be culture-shocked in other countries. 

He probably didn’t think about calling you love before he did because it’s normal for him to call anyone he meets love. 

So stop overthinking it!

7. He’s Only Interested in Sleeping With You

nicknames for guys

Sometimes, when guys are honed in on a girl, almost nothing could deter them from trying to win her over.

We already said he may be flirting with you.

But what if he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you and just wants to get down and dirty with you?

First calling you ‘love,’ then taking you out on a date, to finally sleeping with you and breaking your heart by leaving you. 

It’s a vicious cycle at this point.

But I’m glad many girls are used to it and can spot this situation from a mile away before getting entangled in any relationship.

8. He Was Being Sarcastic/Disrespectful

called love by a guy on a date

In high school, whenever a guy’s trying to crack a joke at a girl, they sometimes call her ‘love.’

There’s a particular tone that he would call you love in that would be crystal clear he’s being sarcastic, especially when in a disagreement with you.

If that’s the case, then you have to stay far away from him as possible, Queen, because he’s likely to show other negative signs, including:

  • making jest of you in class
  • looking down on you
  • making corny remarks when you talk

9. He Forgot Your Name

guy friend calls you love

Saying love in place of a name is very typical.

Think of it as an extension of the UK culture- when you use the word casually, you can call just anybody ‘love.’

It could be a total stranger or someone you know but are not too familiar with that you’d remember their name quickly.

So next time a handsome young man bumps into you in traffic, and stutters love to you, don’t let your imagination run wild.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Love in a Text?

guy gives girl nickname

If he’s been calling you love more often and begins to call you love in a text, that means ‘I love you’ isn’t far behind and he doesn’t consider you a friend anymore and may want a relationship with you.

Also, calling you love in a text rather than in person could be a sign that they aren’t ready to say it in person.

How Should You Reply When a Guy Calls You Love?

crush called me love

How you reply to a guy calling you love depends on how close you are to the person.

If you aren’t feeling it, I suggest you ask him what he meant by calling you ‘love.’

If the conversation goes sideways, tell him you’re not interested and want to go slow.

But if you like that he calls you ‘love,’ you can also consider using your pet name for him.

You would be stepping further into your relationship -or friendship- by clearing the air.

How Will You Know if a Guy Loves You?

There isn’t a particular set of signs that show a guy loves you or wants to be in a relationship with you. But these are 5 common signs he’s using LOVE as more than a nickname.

  • He smiles when he’s around you
  • He’s constantly communicating with you through texts and calls.
  • He doesn’t forget the little moments you share.
  • He tells his friends about you
  • He gets a little jealous when you talk to other guys.

Is Calling Someone Love Flirting?

guy that is not your boyfriend

Just calling someone love can’t really be considered flirting. 

But coupled with a few body language, such as winking, a slight smile, arching eyebrows, gazing into your eyes, and nodding, he is most likely flirting with you by calling you love.

He might even want more, perhaps a relationship.

What Does It Mean When a Friend Calls You Love?

If a friend calls you love, it’s just because he’s comfortable with you. 

While some people use it casually for any stranger, a friend calling you love would mean he’s fond of you and cares for you.

What Do You Call a Guy Who’s Not Your Boyfriend?

If he’s a friend, it’s pervasive to call them silly names, just like me and ‘mother nature.’

Or call them by just their regular names. 

Recap: What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls Me Love?

There are many reasons why a guy would call you love. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • He was trying to flirt with you.
  • You’re in a relationship with him.
  • He wanted to get a reaction out of you.
  • He’s attracted to you.
  • He’s hiding something.
  • He’s from a people that use the word casually.
  • He was being sarcastic/disrespectful.
  • He was only interested in sleeping with you.
  • He forgot your name or doesn’t know you at all.
guy calls you love reply

Regardless, knowing the reasons a guy calls you love won’t help you totally understand why because, ultimately, his actions depend on the timeline of your relationship (or friendship) with him and how intimate you are with each other.

Asking him is the only surefire way to be certain!

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