Why Did She Kiss Me If We’re Just Friends? 10 Startling Reasons

It can be confusing when a girl kisses you if you’re just friends.

Perhaps it’s an underused relationship in our society?

After all, why would a girl kiss her male best friend when they’re just friends?

What’s the deal with kissing a guy when you’re just friends? 

I’ve thought about this a lot and come up with 10 reasons why a girl would kiss her male best friend. 

The most common reason your best friend would kiss you is that she likes you. Maybe you’ve unknowingly sent her signs, or you’re becoming her type every day. For whatever reason, she must have fallen for you.

However, there are probably a thousand other reasons why, but these 10 seem the most reasonable to most people.

1. She Wants to Make a Boy Jealous

This is a classic reason, one to which I’ve fallen a victim. 

My best friend at the time really liked this guy, but he kept playing with her and intentionally flirting with other girls when she was close.

Trust, she knows how to get back at people.

One day, she dragged me into a short kiss right before him after class. And just kept walking, satisfied he’d seen it. 

And let me tell you, that worked wonders because that same night, he was all over her. 

So maybe your girl best friend wanted to gain a boy’s attention. 

If that’s the case, don’t feel bad she used you for her master plan; you may be the reason for a great relationship!

2. You Were Flirting With Her, and She Couldn’t Resist

boy and girl looking at each other smiling though they're just friends

Having a playboy as a best friend could be a nightmare because of all the extra giggly attention he may bring around you.

But when he’s a playboy AND your type?


When a guy carries over his flirtatious side from other girls to his best friend, she may see it as something more.

And if you’re her type, I wouldn’t blame her.

You may have been sending the wrong signals, simultaneously sending her a whirlwind of confused thoughts until she decided to throw caution to the wind and kiss you. 

Not cool!

3. She Was Trying To Impress Her Other Friends

girl smiling at her friends after kissing a guy she's just friends with

If you’ve been in a truth or dare game, you would be familiar with this.

Sometimes, curious, somewhat evil players dare other players to kiss their unsuspecting best friends.

And, to impress them, she kisses you out of the blue.

If that’s the case, then there’s no problem because it was just a game.

4. She Kissed You Just To See Your Reaction (Experiment)

You know how I said acting like a playboy could make your best friend like you?

What if you aren’t a playboy?

What if you’re just an average fat boy that doesn’t even know how to get a girlfriend

You would be confused.

Your friend may have fallen for you and didn’t know how to break the ice to tell you, so she tried kissing you out of the blue. 

Two things could happen next.

If you get mad or don’t return the kiss, she would look embarrassed and try to laugh it off for some awkward reason. 

But if you kiss her back even though you’re simply friends, and she drags the kiss on, her experiment would have worked- you like her back. 

What happens AFTER this could make or break your friendship.

5. You May Be Her Rebound

Most girls -and a few guys- get broken after a relationship.

They get so detached from any form of relationship that the lines between a romantic relationship and a friendship begin to blur.

As a friend, you would be there for her, to support her. 

But, during that period after her break up, she may start seeing you as more than her best friend because of how well you take care of her. 

You become her rebound. 

If that’s the case, you can do a few things to help her, starting with being with her as much as you can.

6. She May Have Been Drunk

girl drinking beer looking drunk

Oh, my days, this is very possible for teenagers!

Especially when she kisses you even though you’re just friends.

I attended a party once and saw two friends making out in the corner throughout the evening. 

The next day, I noticed some tension between them.

Their friendship went downhill from there really fast.

Turned out the girl had been drunk, and the guy wasn’t, but he didn’t try to stop her. 

So, maybe she was intoxicated when the kiss happened. 

7. She Felt Pity for You

Have you ever seen someone so embarrassed about something that you just feel bad for them?

And that you’d want to do anything to help them?

That may be the situation here.

Maybe she just felt sorry for you and thought a kiss would help. (Hey, I don’t make the rules!)

8. She Kissed You in the Heat of the Moment

I’ve been watching this Marvel show, Ms Marvel, and there was this scene where Kamala and her best friend (he’s a guy) had just discovered something big, making them aglow with happiness.

They were breathing fast, faces turned to each other.

I could have sworn they were going to kiss.

They didn’t.

But the tension was definitely there.

Sometimes, when you and your friend are celebrating, there could be this slight moment when one of you moves in for a kiss.

That could be the reason she kissed you when you’re just friends.

However, if this is the reason in your case, she may have underlying feelings for you.

9. She Might Have Accidentally Led You on and Panicked When You Tried To Kiss Her

We’ve talked about you being a playboy and unintentionally leading her on.

This time, what if your best friend has this natural sex appeal?

What if she’s flirty without even knowing it?

She may act normal around you, and you could start to catch some feelings. (It’s not her fault she’s got the entire football team at her feet with a smile!)

And then you kiss her. 

At that moment, many confused thoughts may have rushed through her head.

Why would you kiss me when we’re just friends? But she kissed you back.

She probably panicked and didn’t know what to do.

If that’s what happened, your friendship may be severed forever.

10. Maybe She Didn’t Mean To Kiss You

There’s another possibility that you’re just reading more meaning into why she kissed you when you’re just friends than there actually is.

What if she didn’t mean to kiss you?

Was it a peck at the corner of your mouth as she rushed to say goodbye?

Or did she hold your face in her hands and kiss you on your cheek?

In both scenarios, the kiss would have been normal because it has no romantic meaning.

Just good old friendly love.

Until now, we’ve assumed that the kiss was a full-blown mouth kiss, probably with tongues whipping in every direction. But there is more than one kind of kiss. Here are 5 more.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Kisses You on the Lips?

If a girl kisses you on your lips, she likes you. It’s as plain as that.

Often called a make-out kiss, a kiss on your lip shows that the girl is into you and may even be sexually aroused by you. 

What Does a Quick Peck on the Lips Mean?

A peck on the lips is the simplest form of kissing. You push your puckered lips against someone’s lips. Unlike a full-blown kiss, considered romantic, a lip peck is more affectionate than romantic as parents kiss their kids the same way. 

What Does a Blown Kiss Mean?

girl and her mum blowing kisses at each other

A blown kiss means the same as any other kiss; the only difference is that it’s thrown in the air. 

It could be a flirty sign or a way of saying goodbye to friends and family.

What Does a Slow Kiss Mean?

This is the kind of kiss we often see in romantic movies.

The boy and girl slowly move towards each other, cup their heads into their hands, their lips meeting gently and interlocking ever so delicately.

There’s slow breathing, and every droplet of saliva is tasted. 

You get the idea- it’s super slow and VERY romantic. 

What Does a Kiss on the Forehead Mean?

boy kissing girl on her forehead though they are just friends

A forehead kiss is a sign of care and love, but not in a romantic way. 

When someone kisses your forehead, it shows that the person cares for you and maybe reassures you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re married. At that moment, the person just wants you to know they are there for you. 

Is a Kiss Normal in Friendship?

While some cultures around the world see mouth kisses between friends as normal, a ‘normal’ kiss in most countries depends on the kind of kiss.

In the US, for example, French kissing your ‘friend’ would raise lots of eyebrows.

However, blowing them a kiss or even a peck on the cheek is completely normal. 

How Do You Tell She Wants To Be More Than Friends?

The most obvious way to know if your friend wants to be more than just friends is if she gets jealous whenever you speak to another girl. She would be cool with you talking to all the guys in school but laugh with just one girl, and her mood could change drastically. 

But this is just one out of many.

There are many other hints to know whether your friend wants to be more than just friends.

What Do You Do if Your Friend Kisses You?

So she kissed you even though you’re just friends, and you don’t know what to do. There are 2 things many people believe you can do next.

Go For It if You Like Her

This has to be a no-brainer.

She kissed you when you’re just friends.

You were probably already developing feelings for her but didn’t want to ruin the friendship by suddenly pressing your lips against hers.

I suggest you go for it. Kiss her back. If the kiss lasts longer than mere moments, you know she means business. 

When you break the kiss, tell her you liked it. Tell her how you’ve liked her but are too scared to tell her. If you don’t do that right then, you could risk an awkwardness between you two for the next few days.

Caution Her Before You Lose Any Potential Girlfriends if You Don’t Like Her That Way

Imagine a girl has a crush on you.

She’s looking down the hallway at you with your best friend.

Your best friend kisses you as she gathers the courage to walk toward you to tell you how she feels.

What do you think she would do next?

Tell your best friend to stop randomly kissing you if you aren’t tripping for her.

You don’t know who’s watching (ahem, the girl of your dreams).

Summary: Why Did She Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends

There are many reasons why she kissed you when you’re just friends that transcend having romantic feelings for you. You just have to evaluate the situation to realize why she did it.

  • To make another boy jealous
  • She couldn’t resist your flirts
  • She was trying to impress her friends, possibly in a truth or dare game
  • It was an experiment to test your reaction
  • You may be her rebound
  • She may have been drunk
  • She felt pity for you
  • It was in the heat of the moment
  • Maybe she unintentionally led you on and panicked when you tried to kiss her
  • She probably didn’t mean to kiss you

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