The History of the Copa Sudamericana

South America offers some of the most intense football competitions in the entire world.

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The Copa Libertadores is probably the most important tournament played in this part of the world. However, the Copa Sudamericana follows quite closely. Here we will talk about the latter, which is also a tournament that has given some of the best moments in the history of South American football.

Our journey begins in the year 2002. The Copa Sudamericana was introduced as a younger sibling to the celebrated Copa Libertadores. Initially, some people were a bit skeptical. However, it quickly showed that indeed there was space for another continent-wide competition in South America.

The tournament brought together clubs from all 10 CONMEBOL countries, and in its debut year, San Lorenzo from Argentina seized the glory. This set the stage for what would become a fiercely contested event. All punters can enjoy the online kabaddi league on 1xBet, where betting on this discipline, and also in football, is very simple.

Copa Sudamericana

The Copa Sudamericana has a simple knockout format. It has a home and away round where aggregate goals matter. What’s super interesting is how the tourney expanded. Initially, 34 teams entered the fray. By 2009, this number shot up to 47.

A competition filled with all kind of drama

Over the years, some nations flexed their footballing muscles more than others. Argentina and Brazil showed that they were the heavyweights from this part of the world. Teams from both countries have won 17 out of 21 editions as of 2022. You can wager on these teams today by visiting the and seeing the great opportunities available here. Some of the teams that have been quite successful here are:

  • Athletico Paranaense;
  • Pachuca;
  • and LDU Quito.

A memorable moment could be seen in 2009. Here LDU Quito from Ecuador did the impossible when they won both the Copa Libertadores AND the Copa Sudamericana in the same year. If you want to wager on all editions of those South American competitions, you can go to the 1xBet platform today.

Brazilians have also been very successful here. Some teams from that nation who have claimed the title are Internacional, Athletico Paranaense and São Paulo.

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It is also worth mentioning that the winner of the Copa Sudamericana will participate in the Recopa Sudamericana. This is like a super-cup, where the winners of this competition and the Copa Libertadores during a particular season face each other.

Let’s talk about some notable performances that have been seen in this competition. For example, its top goal scorer ever is the Chilean forward Eduardo Vargas, who scored 11 goals in the 2011 season with Universidad de Chile.

Also, Boca Juniors and Athletico Paranaense have enjoyed a lot of success in this competition, each winning the tournament on 2 occasions each.

A shocking result came in 2011, where Universidad de Chile, which would eventually win the tournament, totally destroyed the Brazilian team Flamengo. The aggregate result in the 2 legs was an impressive 8-0.

The Copa Sudamericana might have started as a ‘second-tier’ tournament, but over time, it’s carved a niche of its own. It’s an arena for clubs to showcase their might and for emerging talents to shine. The tournament gives clubs outside the traditional powerhouses a chance to dream big and write their own fairytales.

Moreover, the electric atmosphere, passionate fans, and the raw, unfiltered energy in the stadiums are what football’s all about. Sometimes the Copa Libertadores might steal the limelight now and then. However, the Sudamericana serves as a crucial reminder that in football, it’s not always about the biggest stage but the most heartfelt performances. It is proof that no region in the world is as passionate about football than South America.

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