New York City Architecture: Skyscrapers and Architectural Marvels

Have already heard about the Statue of Liberty and wish to discover something else in New York? You have found the right article!

With our top guide, you can explore the modern architectural wonders of NY, and do not miss the most extraordinary and fascinating ones!

City Architecture

One World Trade Center

Begin your architectural tours with something patriotic and breathtaking – One World Trade Center, which stands in Downtown Manhattan. Formerly known as Freedom Tower, this building beats every other skyscraper in New York in terms of height. One WTC is 1,776 feet tall and consists of 104 floors, and the local One World Observatory offers visitors a 360° view of the city (even better than in the Empire State Building!). 

The design of One WTC is modern and eye-catching – there is no way you can confuse it with any other attraction! Visit every day from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm, and if you arrive at JFK, you can book a car rental NYC under 25 option to get to this skyscraper in 1 hour only.

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The Shed

Do not let the title confuse you – The Shed is a bright example of modern architecture that shines like a pearl in NY. The building serves multiple purposes, and there you can always stumble upon some music and dance events and exhibitions. There are many things to observe:

  • From pop to classical music;
  • Theater performances;
  • Classical and digital paintings;
  • Literature masterpieces;
  • Sculpture.

The most fascinating part of the Shed is its outer shell, which is movable and can modify the building’s design from the outside. Getting here from JFK might be troublesome, but if you use the metro or book a cheap car rental for under 25 drivers, you will gaze upon the best architecture of New York in less than an hour!

Oculus Transportation Hub

Our list would be incomplete without the Oculus, whose outer design captivates with its elegance, uniqueness, and breathtaking form. Thanks to Santiago Calatrava, the Oculus Transportation Hub structure consists of metal-clad steel ribs which, if you look from the outside, collectively resemble a dove in hand. Not only the outer design is breathtaking – the interior will amaze you with a massive, ribbed ceiling and the sunlight beaming through the gaps during the day. If you wish to experience a slight ascension while standing on the ground – then the Oculus is a must-visit for you.

Getting to the hub takes 1 hour by metro from JFK, but if you rent a car – you will arrive much faster.

The Vessel

New York City

An intriguing title, isn’t it? The Vessel is yet another mesmerizing architecture in New York, which is almost impossible to describe – you must see it yourself! The structure consists of a circular climbing frame with 16 floors, between which you can move around using stairs or an elevator. The outer look of the building resembles an elegant wicker basket, which catches the eye immediately as you pass it by.

Admission to the Vessel is free of charge during the first working hour, and then you need to pay $10 per person.

Apple store

Apple always knows how to astonish people, even when it comes to the design of a small shop on Fifth Avenue. Outside it is just a glass cube, but if you enter it, you can descend downstairs and see the actual shop underground. The ceiling of it has glassed circular openings through which the outer light beams into the shop. The store design represents the innovative, modern, and progressive spirit of the Apple company!

30 Hudson Yards

This breathtaking skyscraper occupies the 3rd place in New York in terms of height – it is 1,268 feet tall and has 73 floors! The outer look shines on the sunlight due to a multitude of glass windows. By the way, because of a triangular observation deck (“The Edge”), the shape of the building resembles a duck. Inside the skyscraper, you can find a cafeteria, cinema, a fitness center, and if you get to the Edge, you will enjoy a view of the east and south parts of Manhattan.

Getting to 30 Hudson Yards from JFK takes only an hour if you hire a vehicle. You may ask – what to do if your rental car breaks down? Do not worry! Whenever there is an issue with a vehicle, you can contact your rental company (the number is in the contract) or breakdown assistance.

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TWA Terminal

Skyscrapers and Architecture

Did you expect that, upon arriving at the JFK Airport, you would enter another New York architectural attraction? Inside the building, the floor, ceiling, and walls intersect in a very smooth way, evoking a feeling of lightness and airiness. As Eero Saarinen (the chief architect) stated himself, the design implied a perfect match of all the details in the interior.

The exterior look of the building is no less fascinating because it resembles a bird and captures the spirit of flight. Do not pass by the TWA terminal in a rush – it was born to receive admiration!

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