Quick Guide to Start Your Blogging Journey

While many people were into blogging for a long time, the pandemic fueled its pace. Today, out of around 1.7 billion websites, 500 million are blogs. This figure attests to the mushrooming prominence of blogs in recent times.

Blogging Journey

The reason why people are taking more interest in blogs than ever before is that it works as an online journal, where you can express yourself and write about whatever you want whenever you want. On top of that, it offers monetary benefits as well, the more impressions and readers you have, the more money you can make. 

In sum, blogging is no longer just a hobby but a money-making side hustle that has the potential to transform your career. This is why, most people have given up on their professions to build up an impressive profile on the web, turning it into a full-time career. 

Anyway, you can’t be more excited to start your blogging journey, right? 

Well, we feel you, and that is why, we have compiled this super exclusive guide to help you get started. Also, if you are still ambiguous about whether or not you should start blogging, remember that it is never too late to dip your toe in this field. 

To become a blogger, all you need is a commitment to invest your time and energy. If you are gutted, you can excel at it. Having said that,  you may essentially need a phone and internet to start and run the blog. At this point, make sure you never compromise on the internet, if you are serious about your blogging journey. 

On that note, we feel obliged to suggest Spectrum, a top-tier internet service provider in the US. The fast and reliable internet will ensure you are actively engaged with your readers and never let a spotty internet impede your schedules. You may check out the internet plans, and if you speak Spanish, we recommend you to dial away numero de telefono de Spectrum to get exclusive support. 

So, all you have to do is to keep calm, read this article, and get started. 

Let’s go!

1. Decide a Niche

The first and foremost thing that you have to consider when you have decided to start a blog is choosing a niche. It is the first and foundational step, which will lay the pillar of your blog. 

A niche is not merely an idea but the crux of your blog, it will showcase what your blog will focus on so that you choose the perfect blog name and design blogging strategy. 

There is no limit when it comes to choosing a niche for your blog; however, it is tricky to make a choice that aptly goes in line with your interests and expertise.

When choosing a niche, you must follow these quick steps: 

  • Streamline your interests: Nothing is bigger and more important than your ease and comfortability. You must choose a niche that piques your interest and which you think you will never get tired of, no matter how many years pass by. 
  • Research your audience: It is crucial to determine who you want to read your blog, and why. Once you sketch rough demographics and psychographics, you will know which niche could potentially incite their interest.
  • Check its Profitability: You want to monetize your blog and grow; thus, it is important to understand if the niche has the potential to churn more figures or not.

Some of the popular blog niches include fashion, style and makeup, lifestyle, marketing, food, etc. However, another challenge is standing out in the overly-saturated market. There could be hundreds and thousands of blogs in your chosen niche, but finding the gap to outshine the competitor depends on your creative potential. 

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2. Choose the Right Platform and Template

Once you have settled on your niche, it is now time to prepare your website for blogging.  For that, you will need to set up a blog hosting and content management system (CMS). At this point, many bloggers stand in utter confusion about which platform they should invest in.

Well, it boils down to two kinds of options: 

  • Self-Hosted: These are platforms that offer customization options, but you have to pay a hosting company a monthly fee to host the site yourself.
  • Hosted: Hosted platforms are like website builders, and they come with the tools needed to build a blog. Plus, there is no need to purchase hosting.

3. Select Blog Name

Now, it is time to decide the name of your blog. Choose a unique name that is easy to read, understand, and remember; which also depicts the concept of your blog.

4. Plan your Publishing Strategy

The mantra of a successful blog is accurate content strategy and consistency. Publishing content in your leisure time would never help you grow. Therefore, it is essential to curate a perfect strategy, such as creating a content calendar to keep track of your ideas. You must also use high-end tools to organize your tasks and automate publishing, etc. If you encounter the need to optimize your visual content, knowing how to use tools and understanding how to convert webp to jpg can be particularly helpful in ensuring compatibility and accessibility across various platforms.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage

Voila! You have done it. 

Now, it is time to engage with your audience and keep them craving for your content. Avoid being assertive and build a platform where your audience feels comfortable expressing their ideas. After all, engagement is the key! Wink. 

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Bottom Line

Starting a blog is not rocket science, but it is not a cakewalk either. However, learning and applying the correct and tried and tested strategies can help you kill at it. Plus, it is important to know that no single size fits all. Therefore, you must consider your interests and expertise, and ask yourself honestly what you want out of the experience. And there you have it, your answer!

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