5 Best Online Certificates that Can Help You Get a Job

Finding a job in today’s competitive, technology-driven, fast-paced world seems like a tedious task. 

To add to that, the onslaught of the remote work ideology makes it even harder to discern whether to go for the traditional 9-5 stability or gamble it all at the mercy of freelancing. 

What does one do then, when the degree you slave away for years to get seems useless in the face of economic crises and a lack of jobs?

The answer today seems to be online certifications. 

If you are looking for a job, having certifications on your resume are a great way to improve your skills and get the attention of hiring managers. In many ways, certifications serve as proof of the experience and skills listed on your resume and validate them.

It is even easier now than ever to get any certification you desire; the web has opened the guarded doors of knowledge to everyone with a passion for learning. You simply need reliable internet to start. If you are looking, we would suggest using Cox. This Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a variety of plans and packages suited to all budgets, and their Cox customer service is available 24/7 in case of any issues. A good connection can ensure that you don’t face lags when completing these certifications. 

But even with a good connection, with all the endless options available it can be difficult to determine where to start or look. However, not to worry, we have put together of list in-demand courses that you can take to boost your resume and highlight your skills more prominently. 

Best Online Certificates

Lets us dive right in.

1. Machine Learning Specialization 

Machine learning is becoming one of the most sought-after trades in the age of technology. There are countless industries and applications that machine learning can be used to increase efficiency and productivity. 

This course incorporates a variety of case studies and applications, so you will also learn how to apply learning algorithms to build intelligent robots, use them in anti-spam strategies database mining, and much more. The options and opportunities are truly endless and these will keep growing as the demand increases. 

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2. IT Support 

If you enjoy troubleshooting and solving technical problems, a career in IT support might be just the thing you need. 

IT support can be the first leg in your journey to areas like computer networking and cybersecurity, or you can develop your technical support skills over time to work on more complex issues. 

IT certifications prove to employers that you have the skills that they are looking for or would want to add to their team. Courses like the Google IT Support Professional certification can help you learn the skills you need for any entry-level technical job. 

3. Digital Marketing 

If you’re considering a career in digital marketing, this certificate would get you a faster and pocket-friendly way to enter the field as compared to a traditional degree. It will also help to showcase your skills and commitment to potential employers, especially if you get it from a reputable source. 

Upon completion of the digital marketing certification, as an aspiring marketer, you would have gained knowledge of the real-life challenges that professionals face on a daily basis. This will also give you an idea of whether a career path in digital marketing is right for you or not. 

4. Medical billing and coding 

Sounds like an odd job doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at how well it pays. 

Medical billing and coding professionals play an important role in our healthcare system. 

They allocate customary codes to diagnoses and treatments and manage billing procedures so insurance companies can pay claims. Medical billing and coding require basic level knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and medical lingo, as well as an idea of the coding systems used in healthcare. If you’re unsure of where to start, we would recommend trying the mini-courses at Udemy as they give some insight into this coding world before you go all in. 

5. Essentials of Research Methodology 

While this may sound more of an academia-centered course, it is not so always. Given the way we experience an avalanche of information every time we go online, it is important to be able to discern which information is important and which is not. 

The complexity of the research environment suggests that the ability to meaningfully understand and use data to make useful decisions is becoming an essential skill in a data-intensive society.

Research Methods courses will prepare you to design effective ethical research. You will learn relevant prerequisites and tools for qualitative and quantitative research in economics, business, tech, and any other kind of field you wish to enter. 

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Online certifications are useful when you are looking for a job as they give you a competitive advantage over any candidate who does not have a certificate that validates their skills and knowledge. In addition, many online course providers consider these certifications to be a significant achievement.

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