What Are ‘F Me Eyes’? (& How To Know If You Have Them)

After watching Ted 2, there’s only one question in every teenager’s mind – what are f me eyes? 

Let me introduce you to the easiest way to get that guy for yourself ASAP.

You’ll learn what ‘f me eyes’ are and how to know if you have them.

What Are F Me Eyes?

F me eyes are a look people give when they’re trying to attract someone or get people to notice them.

Do you know how some people just look sexy without trying? Even from their sleep, they look like gods and goddesses?

Yeah, they probably have the f me eyes. 

People that have f**k me eyes always seem like they’re in the mood, and they attract lots of people with similar energy. 

Now, you may wonder, ‘how do I get those f**k me eyes??’

You’re lucky because I have the detailed step-by-step guide to getting the eyes every guy falls for. (And girl, if you’re a guy, lol.)

How to Do F Me Eyes

Showing f me eyes isn’t difficult.

Here are 7 simple steps to do it:

Lower Your Eyelids:

fuck me eyes

If you’ve seen many people look super attractive effortlessly, their eyelids must have been lowered.

Some people say, to do this, think of all the trauma you’ve ever been through in your life.

That means all the times you’ve been bullied in school, all the times people didn’t keep their promises, all the times you got dumped in high school.

Take up all those teenage traumas and then express them through your eyes.

The goal here is to look like you don’t care.

Your eyes should be level, eyelids covering almost half of them.

But that’s just the first step.

Relax Your Eyebrows

Just like your eyes, your eyebrows should be relaxed and levelled. 

You don’t want to show any emotion yet; just keep your face a blank mould ready for sculpting into a most attractive look!

Tilt Your Head Down Just a Bit

Now that your face is devoid of emotion let’s get to the good part.

You will bend your head just a little bit to the side. 

Just enough to give him a sly view of your face, not just rearing at him fully.

Like when you want to take a selfie with your phone, when you hold the phone above you, and look up.

Yes! That position!

Smile With Your Eyes

This is where things get HEATED up.

You’ve got your eyelids low, so only part of your eyes actually show.

You’ve got your eyebrows relaxed, so they don’t think you’re this happy trippy person.

Your head’s tilted to give that seductive look.

Now, you need to switch up with your eyes.

Raise an eyebrow, so he knows you know what you’re doing (some guys find it very attractive.)

Then look through your lashes.

Your head is already low and tilted. 

Looking up at him through your lashes will heat things up more.

You don’t want to give him too much, but enough.

Maintain Eye Contact

girl staring deeply

This should be a no-brainer by now.

From the first step to now, you should keep eye contact with him.

Steady eye contact.

You’ll blink, but that won’t break the spell as badly as looking away from our target would.

Especially when tilting your head.

You have to make him know what you mean, and if you break eye contact right then, you may as well pack up.

Part Your Lips a Bit

If you’ve watched romcoms, you’d be familiar with this step.

Maybe it’s just me, but parting your lips is definitely part of the charm. 

While parting your lips, put your tongue on your upper palate so your tongue seems invisible when they look at you.

It gives the air of enticement many guys love getting caught in.

And the final step…

Spice It Up

girl spicing up her f me eyes by letting hair fall on her face

This step is totally optional, but heck, why not?

Spice things up to apply more pressure on them.

Maybe a chest grab (or even rub), a wink, a tongue trick, or even a slow wink.

Use these tactics in every step of this guide and watch the wonders work.

Do I Have F Me Eyes?

To have f me eyes means you have a sexy and attractive gaze without even trying…like a baddie.

It means people look at you and say, ‘wow, you look fvckable.’ 

If you’re familiar with the steps I’ve already listed, then you may have f me eyes.

However, the best way to know if you have f me eyes is to ask someone personally if they think you’re sexy just by looking at your eyes.

Hide your mouth and nose, then ask them.

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Recap: What Are F Me Eyes?

simplified list of how to do f me eyes

Getting f me eyes is no longer a mystery.

By following the steps in this article, you’ll be one step closer to getting that guy -or girl- you so desperately want.

  • Lower your eyelids
  • Relax your eyebrows
  • Tilt your head a bit
  • Smile with your eyes
  • Part your lips slightly
  • Spice things up

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