Volleyball Rizz Lines: 37+ Best Pickup Lines For The Court

“Rizz” blew up last year and everyone’s been trying to get the ultimate rizz game since then. While there are general rizz pick up lines that could work in almost any situation, most wouldn’t. Some are more customized for christian settings, while others would rizz up girls better at sport events. 

couples playing volleyball

That’s why I gathered all the volleyball-themed pick up lines available on the net -plus some I came up with- to help you get that girl on and off the court. 

37+ Best Volleyball Rizz Lines

  1. Are you a serve? Because i’m always missing you
  2. If you were a volleyball, I’d hit
  3. If i hit your line, would you dig that?
  4. Teach you how to serve? You do that naturally
  5. Are you a volleyball? Cause everytime you come my way, I call you mine.
  6. Are you a serve? Cause i always rush things with us
  7. Are you a net? Cause i can’t get over you
  8. Are you a zone? Cause i love hitting you up
  9. Are you 54321? Cause you take my breath away
  10. Are you a line? Cause i can’t stop running after you
  11. Are you a volleyball? Cause i’d save you if you were falling
  12. Are you a volleyball? Cause i always bruise my knees falling for you
  13. You must be a setter, because you have me spiked.
  14. You hit me like a volleyball, but I don’t mind falling for you.
  15. Your smile is like a perfect pass – always right where it needs to be.
  16. Are you a libero? Because I want to protect you from all the bad hits in life.
  17. You’re the ace to my serve.
  18. Your presence on the court makes me feel like I can fly.
  19. You set my heart on fire like a game-winning point.
  20. You’re like a ball that never goes out of bounds, always in my heart.
  21. You make my heart race faster than a perfect spike.
  22. Are you a libero? Because you always have my back.
  23. Your beauty on the court leaves me in awe like a powerful jump serve.
  24. You’re like a dig, always there when I need you most.
  25. You have the touch of a volleyball player, always keeping me in play.
  26. I must be in heaven because I feel like I’m always hitting it over the net with you.
  27. You’re the perfect partner for me, like a setter to a hitter.
  28. Are you a middle blocker? Because you’re always blocking my heart.
  29. Are you a jump serve? Because you make my heart skip a beat.
  30. Are you a beach volleyball court? Because I want to spend all day playing with you.
  31. Are you a rally point? Because I never want this game to end.
  32. Are you a sideline? Because I can’t keep my eyes off you.
  33. Are you a spike? Because you’re hitting me hard with those good looks.
  34. Are you a volleyball coach? Because you always know how to make me better.
  35. Are you a rotation? Because I never want to rotate away from you.
  36. Are you a volleyball net? Because I keep getting tangled up in your love.
  37. You’re the MVP of my heart.

20 Poetic Volleyball Rizz Pickup Lines

These are the smoothest, w rizz, ultra poetic volleyball pickup lines out there. 

  1. If you were a volleyball, no matter where you go on the court, how fast you go, or how much it will hurt, I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re “mine” before another has the chance to call you theirs.
  2. You are the ball I’ve been chasing my whole life, and I won’t rest until I hit the perfect shot and score your heart.
  3. Like a libero, you sweep me off my feet, always ready to protect me from harm.
  4. Your eyes sparkle like the sun on a beach volleyball court, and I am powerless to resist your magnetic pull.
  5. You are the perfect set, the perfect pass, the perfect hit – the embodiment of everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner.
  6. Just as a serve sets the tone for the game, you set the tone for my heart – with every smile, every laugh, every touch.
  7. Your touch is like a gentle bump, sending me soaring through the air with a sense of joy and excitement.
  8. You’re the dig to my spike, the yin to my yang, the perfect complement to my every move.
  9. Your presence on the court is like a beacon of hope, guiding me towards a brighter, better future.
  10. Like a perfectly executed block, you have the power to keep me grounded, safe, and secure – and I am forever grateful for that.
  11. You’re the volleyball that keeps me coming back for more, like a game that never ends and a love that never fades.
  12. Like a perfectly timed block, you knock down my defenses and leave me vulnerable to your every move.
  13. Your beauty is like the setting sun, casting a warm glow on everything around you and taking my breath away.
  14. Just as a libero dives to save a ball, you dive into my heart and rescue me from the darkness.
  15. You’re the spike that shatters my expectations and leaves me in awe, the ultimate expression of power and grace.
  16. Your love is like a serve that never misses, always finding its mark and leaving me amazed by your skill.
  17. Like a team that works together to achieve victory, we’re a match made in heaven – two halves of a whole, forever bound together.
  18. Your laughter is like a rally, an endless exchange of joy and happiness that keeps me uplifted and inspired.
  19. You’re the ace up my sleeve, the secret weapon that makes me unstoppable and fills me with confidence.
  20. Your eyes are like the stars, shining brightly in the darkness and guiding me towards a brighter tomorrow.

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