Best 10 Sites to Buy Real & Custom Instagram Comments

If you want to get a large Instagram following, one of the things you should do is to buy Instagram comments. When the IG algorithm notices that your Instagram account is getting a lot of comments, it will start recommending it to other users. With time, you will begin to see organic growth in your accounts.

However, if you decide to buy Instagram comments, you must be careful, as many sites sell fake comments. Such sites can cause your account to be banned or suspended. If you are wondering which are the best sites to buy real and custom Instagram comments, we have reviewed the top 10 options.

Is it Worth Buying Instagram Comments?

To answer this question, we have looked at some of the benefits:

Grow Organically

When you buy comments, this increases the engagement level of your posts. The posts will appear in people’s newsfeeds, increasing your organic growth.

Increase Conversion and Sales

When there is increased visibility on your posts, this will also translate into better conversion and sales for your products.

Enhance Your Image

When more people comment on your images or videos, you can create the impression that your brand is more popular.

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Top 10 Sites to Buy Instagram Comments

Do you need real and custom comments for your Instagram videos? Here are the top 10 sites to buy from:



Our top choice for buying high-quality comments from real Instagram users with active accounts is SocialWick. The site has a team of professionals and a network of Instagram who handwrite relevant comments for your IG posts, helping spur engagement.

socialwick instagram comments

On top of that, SocialWick allows you to purchase anything from tens comments for $0.03. This makes them the most affordable site for buying high-quality comments at an affordable price.


  • Handwritten comments from real users
  • `24/7 customer service
  • Affordable
  • Comments relevant to your posts


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial

The comments from SocialWick perform very well, help build engagement and enhance your Instagram audience. The comments stay forever and do not drop. To try out their services, you should visit



We rank Mixx highly because they work with  Instagram users to deliver handwritten comments tailored to your posts. They do not write generic comments that obviously look fake. That’s why Mixx comments will greatly enhance your visibility on Instagram.

Mixx is also one of the few sites with a free trial period. Therefore, if you are unsure whether to go ahead with your order, the free trial can help you have a feel for their services.


  • Comments tailored to your posts
  • Safe and secure site to order form
  • Free trial period
  • Comments do not drop


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

Mixx delivers comments fast but naturally. It is run by social media experts who understand how to grow your engagement without using black hat methods. Therefore, buying from the site is completely risk-free. To try out their services, you can visit



It’s not often that you find Social media growth services that offer handwritten comments at affordable prices. Fortunately, SocialGreg is one of them, as it sells high-quality comments tailored to your posts. Unlike some sites that deliver emojis as comments, this site delivers comments from real Instagram users, helping them drive engagement.

SocialGreg Instagram Comments

The site is best suited for all Instagram users, from beginners who need as few as ten comments to big influencers who need thousands of comments. On top of IG comments, the site offers many services, including followers, views, story views, and more.


  • Custom post comments
  • Fast delivery of comments
  • Great track record
  • Good customer service


  • The site isn’t beautiful

Therefore, if you are searching for genuine, unique, and super-targeted comments, we recommend buying from SocialWick. You can check them out at



Whether you need to buy custom comments for one of your latest pictures or a reel video you have just posted, you can count on SubscriberZ to deliver real custom-made comments to your post.

SubscriberZ also ensures it complies with Instagram’s terms of service and privacy policies. The site has a network of social media users who write your comments in exchange for gifts.


  • Instagram complaint services
  • High-quality comments
  • Unmatched customer service
  • A 60-day refill guarantee


  • No free trial period

SubscriberZ delivers the comments within 24 hours. If you do not receive them within seven days, they offer a full refund. If you would like to try out their services, visit



LikesGeek also sells Instagram comments at an affordable price. The site also boasts good customer service that responds to customer questions in 24 hours. It accepts a wide range of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.

LikesGeek Instagram Comments


  • Accepts many payment methods
  • Great customer service
  • Delivery in 12 to 24 hours


  • generic comments

The comments from LikesGeek are generic and aren’t the best option for helping with the organic growth of your Instagram account. They often consist of short replies and emojis, which shows they aren’t from genuine users.



SocLike charges high prices but still allows users to buy Instagram likes. For $179.99 for 1000 likes, their packages may be out of reach for many beginners. The site will deliver the likes in batches of 50 to 200 to prevent a sudden spike that may cause a risk to your account. 

The site also offers monthly packages for likes, comments, and followers. It allows users to divide the comments between different posts. 


  • Deliver comments naturally
  • Has monthly packages
  • No password needed


  • Comments made by bots

While SocLike promises comments from real people,  many users suggest they are bot comments that don’t engage with your account.



One of the reasons why we ranked SocialUps highly is because they have a user-friendly site that makes it easy to order comments. The site sells ten comments for $2.79  and allows users to buy up to 500 comments for $57.99. This is more expensive as compared to sites such as SocialGreg.

SocialUps Instagram Comments


  • Fast delivery
  • User-friendly site


  • A bit expensive
  • Generic comments

When we tried SocialUps, they delivered generic comments, some of which consisted of thumbs-ups and emojis. 



Famoid offers a 30-day refill guarantee if your comments drop. To order from their site, you must contact them requesting comments. While we found that cumbersome,  the site argues that its goal is to provide you with a custom package. When we made our order, they delivered the comments fast.


  • Offers a refill guarantee
  • Delivers fast
  • Custom packages


  • Comments aren’t handwritten

While Famoid delivers fast, the comments are poor quality and written by bots.


For $2.79, you can buy ten likes from BuyTopLikes, while $15.79 will get you 100 likes. This is within the market average even though sites like SocialWick are cheaper. The site is safe to order from and doesn’t require a password to complete your transaction. They accept a wide range of payment options.


  • Safe and secure site
  • Affordable prices
  • Good customer service


  • Delivers generic comments

We found that the comments from ButyTopLikes dropped after some time. This could be a sign that they sell comments left by bots.



While Buzzoid is relatively new compared to sites like SocialGreg, they also quickly deliver likes. The site uses an AI system to deliver bot comments that look custom-made. The comments arrive in about 24 hours but may be spread over time.

Buzzoid Instagram Comments


  • fast delivery
  • Easy ordering process


  • Comments left by bots

While Buzzoid has taken the level of bot comments to a new level, they may still cause problems for your Instagram account.

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Final Thoughts

When buying Instagram comments, you should avoid generic comments and emojis that hardly interact with your account. Instead, ensure that you get smart comments that will boost engagement on your posts.

But with many sites providing generic comments, you should be careful where you order from. If you need handwritten comments relevant to your posts, videos or story views, you should order from SocialWick, Mixx, SocialGreg, and SubscriberZ. 

These are the only sites that we independently verified that they sell comments from real people.

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